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I'm not a Social Butterfly...

August 11, 2011

I'm not a social butterfly... I'm a Social Networker. Sounds so close to social worker, doesn't it? Growing up with a mother who could captivate any audience (I was a bit more reserved and quiet), I thought I needed to be more like my mom but that just never was my personality.

Now in my 30s I can say I'm finally accepting myself, my strengths, and working on accepting my weaknesses pshh what weaknesses. In the past year I've found myself in my blog. I liking pointing the spotlight on others. Especially talented others. I've always had a heart for the little guy or the underdog. However I still get giddy when the big bloggers talk to me. "Little 'ol me" (in my best suthin accent).

I really do take pride here on my bog and on my fanpage in getting those little boutiques, bowtiques, mom shops, out there into the spotlight. I can also say first hand as the designer and owner of momMADE, nothing motivates a mom more than creating for their families. So call me the social butterfly and let me help you through tweets, posts, likes, and shares.

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