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Home-Mom's into Fitness: Day30
of the 60Day SlimDown System

August 25, 2011

It's not about weight, it's not about weight. Let me just repeat that a few more million times. My beautiful bean pole sister in law asked me if I had lost weight this past weekend. That should be a compliment right? All I could think in my head was "the scale doesn't lie". I know better than most that muscle weighs more than fat. Waaaay more! I've gained a pound since Day1, you'll see why this hasn't deterred me from quitting if you keep reading.

I've always wanted to be that skinny 120lbs 
girl that all the height and weight charts promised I could be. LIARS!!!

After over a decade of trying and trying I now know that girl and those numbers will never be me. High school athletics got me down to 150, then the military got me to 143. I couldn't have gotten any lower without cutting off a limb. That used to be a serious thought.

I am losing weight, the scale can only tell how heavy I am and I'm gaining tons of new muscle thanks to Lindsay Brin's moms into fitness 60 Day SlimDown System. Muscle that I thought was there but apparently was not. This system really teaches mother's how to sit and stand properly again. Did I mention Lindsay is working out prenatal too! Read her blog for her video updates.

UPDATE: I can now do lunges!
(very slowly but correctly)

What I love about home workout systems is I can yell at the screen. You can't do that in a live class, people would think you were crazy .) Lindsay has really kicked my butt and I tell her so.
For the sake of this review I'm really trying to stay on point with my daily schedule. I did super awesome the first 2 weeks and then... [ paste excuses here ] excuses happened.

I am proud to say I've ran at least once a week thus far. I can't tell you how good it feels to run again. One of my fitness goals is to run 3-5 miles every morning. Still a long shot but I have the confidence to get there. Now I'm gearing up for phaseII. Like at half time I'm trying to catch my 2nd wind and finish the game only this is my life.

My #homemomif 30Day Measurments
           Day01                       Day30                                            
 Arm:            14.5                                  15                            
Chest:          43.5                                   42                            
Neck:          13.5                --                  13.5                           
Waist:          40                                      39                           
Navel:          44                                      43                           
Hips:            45                                      40 (woo-hoo!)                           
Leg:             26                                       25.5                            
Calf:            17                   --                  17                             
Weight:       218                                     219

Here's a deep thought for you...
You will only have as much energy as you need.
If a daily routine of washing dishes, washing/folding laundry, sitting at a computer, watching TV, sitting at a desk then I've got the amount of energy needed to do those things. Now that I've been working out and running my energy levels have exploded and I'm walking around the house looking for things to do. I find myself running up the stairs when normally I'd pause half way up. Gooo Christy!

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Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back. My advice is don't give up. If I didn't have this review to write I might have thrown in the towel the first time I missed a workout. The benefits and investment from being healthy are priceless. For more daily updates follow me on twitter (with hashtag #homemomif or #HomeMomHealth.) and on facebook.

  The products mentioned in this post written here were provided by: for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine: Christy, Home-Mom.
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