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Boumy Leather Shoes Review

July 13, 2011

Baby needs a new pair of shoes. This is constant in our house except we've been so blessed to receive hand me downs in great condition from our church or friends with older kids. Recycling clothes really is the way to do it. Saves money. But for more specialty items like baby's first pair of shoes we've always purchased ourselves. This time I was picked to review a pair of premium leather learning shoes from I actually had never heard of this company before but after looking at what they have to offer, I really like their philosophy and style.

Children's feet need room to grow. Tiny shoes with hard soles can pinch and obstruct them, especially when they make their first attempts to crawl and walk. This is not good for the natural grip which the sole of a child's foot needs to aquire.
I love that there are no laces to string or velcro that snags. It's a simple design with soles that are both flexible and soft.
Snazzy aren't they. I love how they look like athletic running shoes.
It won't be long! Turkey is 8mos old but already pulling up on me, his walker, everywhere. He hasn't even mastered crawling yet and he loves standing. I think he knows he's the youngest and had better start asserting himself in size to keep up.

 These shoes are priced at $32, get 20% off your total purchase using the ccoupon code: MAB072011 Expiry date: 31 July 2011 (One redemption per customer). Keep up to date with future discounts and giveaways with Boumy on facebook. Now that I'm a mommy I really appreciate 2 things about the products I adore. Materials they are made with and customer service. I used to think only "old" people cared about those things, consider me old because that pretty much makes or breaks the deal these days.

I got the large pair and they are just a bit too big for my littlest guy but he'll be ready in a few months and I can't wait. Shoes are so hard to find for babies because they are mostly hard-soled. It's still up in the air whether or not he'll be our last so I'm cherishing every moment. Click here to read more Mama Buzz Reviews.

This is a Mama Buzz review, to read more reviews/giveaways about Boumy from other Mama Buzz reviews visit Mama This product was provided by: Boumy for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are 100%mine.
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