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Welcome to the seventh edition of

May 13, 2011

hope your weeks has been blessed. I did a few sponsored posts and wrote about some other things I just loved. 1. Like the jewelry my high school friend is now making, Najit√© Jewelry Boutique. 2. Oh just lovely! Another town favorite of mine from the Vintage Pearl. I still can not believe I share the same city with such greatness. I pretty much wrote about all things things I wanted for Mother's Day. 3. I thought the 2-in-1 pictures from Snapily were really neat.

1.   2.   3.

This week I was not able to get around to picking features. I'm so grateful to inlinkz I posted their cute tiny frog face in my sidebar. Sorry for the late start, I'm so glad you're still stopped in. Consider this an extension I guess.

How was your Mommy Day spent? I did get to sleep in and breakfast got made by someone other than me. The Hubs got to stay home under not so planned circumstances. Our car broke down last Saturday so he was sort of stuck with me .)

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