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Make Mom's Day:

May 1, 2011

Want something great for Mother's Day? On a tiny budget? How about really cool 2-in-1 pictures for 99¢? Srsly! Ever heard of Their picture creations are really something else. Remember those really cool cards or pictures that if you tilted them just right the picture changed? Think that and add your own pictures! Cool right?!

The possibilities are endless. As we are building RealXpressions I am strongly considering using Snapily for our business cards. Products include notebooks, bookmarks, scrapbook pages and more. Upload pictures straight to their site to view your own images animated. A true try before you buy type of setup. is an animated background.

From now until May 15th I'm sharing a $3 off coupon code Giveme3 which gives you an instant $3 off your order, (which means you can get a photo card for only 99¢). Plus free Shipping on orders over $30.

Valid through May 15th, 2011 don't have to always come on time
(thinking of my boys, both born a few weeks early)

I have an affiliate relatiohsiop with, however all opionions written and expressed here are my own. Pin It

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