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Welcome to the fourth edition of

April 22, 2011

H appy Easter everyone! I'm loving how all of the crafts up until now have been themed with this month's Holiday. I have to say I've cheated, my mom did the whole egg dying thing with my kiddos. It's sort of her thing. The kids look forward to it and Hubs and I get a...
wait for it... a DATE! No kids, just the two of us. Woo-Hoo!
Our last date was in October. Wow, once every six months is doing pretty good. I have no clue where we are going, but who cares. I get to have a FULL adult convo with The Hubs minus kids interrupting, fighting, whining, screaming... minus kids.

I love that you guys keep coming back. I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and enjoy your families. If you're like me this is one of the toughest times of year for chocolate temptation. Maybe it's just me. Have fun hopping, pun intended .)

Since our party was was on the slim last week I've featured a great craft idea I found in blogland.

Here is a great gift to give to all your girlfriends. Business Card Holders.
You could even make them match. I sort of like the similar but different look.
These lovelies were made at TheCraftyCupboard with instructions and a tutorial

I'd love to help make and then get these pretties for
Mother's Day...

Tissue Paper Flowers by RunningWithGlitter
If you've ever wondered how to make all the different types,
Kelly shows you exactly where to snip and cut for this beautiful bouquet tutorial.

Crochetted Coasters/Potholders by CheriQuiteContrary

I love the gray and key lime green!


Today is Earth Day!

This cute Earth Necklace would be a great craft for kids.  Better Yet   Celebrate the earth by digging in your garden.

tutorial by: PamsPartyAndPracticalTips                                and these Garden Markers from aBirdAndaBean                                             .

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Lets Get This Party Started, RIGHT!
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