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Making the grade

April 3, 2011

Ijust found a site that grades how well you're doing across the social media front. A fellow blogger mentioned and how simple it, well, GRADES. Have a twitter account? How about a blog? Website? etc. I'm glad I found this site because although extensive analytics will cost you, some free tools are still available to us frugals. I currently have technorati, alexa, and google analytics tracking for me but I really don't understand it. There is something really simple about getting an A or B or C. I get that .)

" is a suite of tools that helps you measure and analyze your marketing efforts."

Here's how I measured up:

My twitter handles is @HOMEmomMADE
I'm ranked 1,226,004 out of 9,082,616
86% - B

My Blog url is
I'm ranked 66,218 out of 677,811
88% - B

You can even get a cool badge to paste on your site. 

I entered both my 

domain                        and my actual blogger url
The Website Grade for!
                          Blog Grade for                 .

As far as my blogspot goes it said I have good subscribability
(rss, email subscriptions, twitter, and facebook)

I found it really helpful that it gave me suggestions, for FREE!

- I should ad a retweet button and a facebook like button to all posts

- I should lengthen posts. avg post length is 68 words, avg links per post is 0

      I was actually really surprised with the numbers. Especially since in the last few months I've really slacked on updates, (Four kids, homeschool, LAUNDRY, has wiped me out). Really it's my lack of planning and organizational skills that's holding me back.

If you didn't notice the SITS button in the sidebar, there's a new blog challenge involving PHOTOGRAPHY. It starts tomorrow and I seriously can not wait!!! EEeeeeeeek, hubby has got to work from home (and help me!) and do what we've always wanted, pursue our passion for great pictures. 

So, if you're interested check out, I'm curious if you're surprised with your stats. If you know of a better way to track this sort of thing. Please share.

This is not a paid for post, I just found something I thought I'd share .)
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