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Make Mom's Day: Lisa Leonard Designs

April 21, 2011

More Jewelry for Mom, she should be adorned in love and jewelry. I know I've seen that some where. It sounds very wise indeed. Day 2 of this event and it has to be more jewelry. I've not yet had the pleasure to shop at Lisa Leonard Designs but I would love to buy everything she makes. I just love the hammered metal look so many of her pieces have.

new silver leaf earrings

top: blessed and lucky necklace, jumble of charms necklace
bottom: molded heart bracelet, keepsake bowl

Simply adorable! She's a mom after my own heart. ♥s photography!

And from now until the 22nd at midnight PST use a special 15% off code for all newsletter subscribers.
Don't say I never passed along a good thing.

You'll also receive sneak peaks and secret links to items not yet released. Sshhh, no I can't tell you.
All I can say is it's coming out soon. I know because I subscribed!

Make sure to place your order by
May 2nd for Mother's Day!

You can also find her on twitter and facebook  . )

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