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Look what I made! Seriously, LOOK!

April 6, 2011

ately I have been super excited to get the boys down for naps so I can sew. I've not sewn in quite a while but every time I pick it back up I realize how much I love it. First I grabbed "the pants that were" and this lovely orange material. Want to see what I made? It may not be uber fantastic or anything but I think I'll love it for forever...

...and ever.

My first clutch and hair bow. 

I was given an orange shirt that didn't really flatter me. I loved the color and didn't want to trash donate it (I'm afraid to say but I'm a bit of a hoarder). The brown material came from the "pants that were". Yes I owned a pair of brown pleather pants, faux leather FO-REAL!
 Srsly Christy, Really?
Well, back then I thought I looked good. That's my excuse.

Got an old outfit you're ashamed you ever owned? Oh, please share .)

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