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Keeping the Cloth & Ditching the Rash

April 12, 2011

Cloth Diapers (CDs) for the rest of us. Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers, looking at what is best for everyone, the environment, the economy and oh so economical on your wallet. Cloth wins hands down. However the initial jump can be an extremely expensive one. The kind of jump that can make or break your bank. I was fortunate enough to have a great gal sale me some of her stash on the cheap but not everyone has that privilege. Since that time I've blogged here (in the beginning) and here (2 months in before the rash). Once lil turkey was born back in November my Moms, (my mom in law and aunt in law?) stocked us up pretty good with disposables. I had vowed I would not go back and was a bit saddened with the thought of failing CDs. I wasn't so sure at the time but I think the cause of lil dreamy's rash was soap build up on the diapers.

The first few months were great! I couldn't believe how easy diapering with cloth was. It most definitely was helping with our budget, eliminating the then $40 a month we allotted to spend on disposables. The hard part then became not knowing what to do with the rash issue, I really freaked at how severe it had gotten and so fast. There was serious wound on my baby's bottom and I had no clue how to remedy it.

My hubby and I are big supports of holistic medicines. They are the medicines that aid your body in to doing what it does best, healing itself. I don't believe in masking symptoms, but that's another story. So we tried things like lavender, coconut, and tea tree oils. We tried baking soda sprinkled in with baby powder. They helped but did not eradicate, so we used the butt pastes and creams and I was sure that stuff didn't help the diaper buildup either. This rash was serious and was not getting the time and air it needed to breathe and heal. I made CD detergents, I used several CD specific brands even and nothing seemed to work. With the suggestive but non forceful help of my Moms we went back to disposables.

Now here we are. I have 2 in diapers. I can still fit dreamy in size three and turkey is chunky so he fits them too. I've needed a bit of motivation getting back to CDs and the timing could not have been any better. I'm wondering about all the things I can do different this time. I got an email informing me of The Flats & Handwashing Challenge from I was elated since rash problem seemed to manifest itself overnight with the AIO (all in one) type system.

Want to get in on this challenge? Stay tuned for more details. Not only will I change how I wash my Cloth Diapers, I will also try and use Target's flour sack towels, they run about $3.99 for a 4 pack. CDing moms are choosing these because they are absorbent cotton, have a trim fit, and are easy on the wallet. Using prefolds and flats are the best way to go for moms with little startup. You will need to use a cover as these are not waterproof. When we are at home we don't use a cover anyways. It helps me see stay on top of changing wetts and messies. Hubby bought the
"last box of diapers", he saw the savings cloth caused. Plus he's right!

Since we are on the last pack of diapers, by the end of this week I will be trying out more upcycled versions and hopping back on this wagon. After learning about what goes in the making of diapers and how they fill up our landfills I'm excited to go cloth once again.
UPDATE: Join here!
Helpful Resources:
The No Sew T-shirt Diaper
Tee Shirt Tie Diaper
Then to find some thrifted wool sweaters to make some upcycled wool diaper covers.
Also try Start Diapering at Home for Only $20 (no sewing required)

I will update later after I've tried boiling the diapers. Thinking a huge cause of the buildup was due lack of hot water in our wash room.

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