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Sew What?

January 4, 2011

Sewing hasn't been that nice calm hobby I thought I'd sink into every day. Instead it's a chore, but one I look forward to and make time for even when there hardly is any. Today I saw this pattern by Oliver + S over at Amy a la mode's blog. It's called the Ice Cream Social Dress. I decided it looked easy enough and tried to make something similar. It was not easy but I did try and am pretty happy with the results. I had no pattern, I eyeballed it, luckily I have 2 girls. I was making this for my oldest but messed up somewhere, it'll have to be PJs instead. I pout pockets in the sides. (This was a total accident but I love how it looks and plan to keep them for the next one I make for PT.
This was an old pillow case I'd had for years. Having been in the military I've got tons of these brown t-shirts lying around. Since that was a loooong time ago they don't fit me anymore. Upcycling seems to be my new favorite thing. I have tons of clothes that were going away to goodwill. They Will be Good once they are made into something new.

Here's a close up of the back. I used some circular elastic and a button I found

Side Note: I now understand the need for interfacing.
Knit doesn't seem to keep it's shape, especially at the collar.

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