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Oooooh, I like this!

January 9, 2011

Naps are a joke. I mean they are extinct, right? I can't tell you when I took a nap last. I predict there won't be one in the near future, LOL. I'm a giveaway junkie, do you know anyone like that? Is it you? No? Ok, I'm alone on this one .) I just bumped into WAN (Wrap-a-Nap) over at FabulousFamilyReviews' Blog and am in love. Just the thought of taking a nap when you can get is exciting. This picture is hilarious because I've been in a similar sit-ch-ee-ation.

Wrap-a-Nap Genesis - Copyright 2009

Want WAN? Head on over here and enter to win one!
Maybe you'll see a giveaway here soon, *hint-hint

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