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Last Minute Holiday Gifts - Part 2

December 22, 2010

id you enjoy Part One? Once I started writing the post I realized I had waaaaay too many favorites and had to break it up. I can get lost in la-la land aka DIY/Crafty blogs. I may have 20 tabs open at once bogging down our already slow browser. Hubby hates it ;) Speaking of hubs I didn't forget about the boys. Below you'll find items for the men in your life. Enjoy!

"Vintage Flair Flats"
PDF Pattern - Vintage Flair Flats Women's Size 5 - 9
PDF Pattern - Vintage Flair Flats Women's Size 5 - 9

The very first time I saw these I fell in love  instantly. I can't wait to sew up a dozen in every color I can find. Buy the sewing pattern here.
Visit her blog to find even more great tutes.

"Book Bag/Cover"
LillyBlossom Book Bag sewing pattern PDF
this would be a great bible cover or organizer.

"Bracelet Bag"
Remember my post a while ago about this cuteness?


What about the guys? So far there have been tons of mommy gifts so here you go dudes.

"Knitted Scarf"

"Homemade Soap Shaving Kit"
by HeartJCreations

And here are a few more... click the images to visit their stores.

I have been struggling with this type of hat for months now. I'm sure it's a simple fix but I can't seem to get it. My hats turn into to flowery doilies.
another pattern from mamachee
I would love to make the t-shirt for my hub-bub!

We've got to keep our men warm and cozy, they do the same for us don't they? .)

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