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New! Tute-Do List

November 30, 2010

Wha? I've learned that tute is short for tutorial. I've seen fellow bloggers thank someone for posting a "tute" or say "thanks for the tute". I've caught myself saying it too. Not until today was I inspired to use the word and make a new thing. New to me! I've wanted to sew all my life. My mom made her own clothes in college, and my Easter dresses as I was growing up, but this skill wasn't passed down to me. Can you hear the violins playing? ♪♫♪ I hear them too. With help from youtube and watching others sew I finally got it and have begun down a road I hope to continue on for generations.

This will be a place where I share my aspirations, dreams, and projects that just blow me away. Here is "the blanket" I long to make. I plan on making four for my kiddos and hope they treasure them forever. There are very few blogs that I HAVE-TO read every day. Made is one of them, I'm never disappointed.

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