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Introducing: Mr. Dreamy

November 14, 2010

Iwill never profess to be intriguing when it comes to captivating attention with my posts or anything I do really. I just don't think I have that ability. There are a few people that I know that do or at least they captivate me. One of which is my wonderful husband and best friend Nick Hayhurst.

We as a family have chosen homebirth as our way of bringing babies into this world. The main reason we even ventured down this particular road was because of finances. Then in just made since. Our last homebirth was a bit different in that we zero assistance from a midwife and delivered what some call a "free birth" or "unassisted birth". Below is a link and excerpt from my hubby's blog explaining our views.

The title is actually misleading, but "Makin' Babies" sounds cooler than "Delivering Babies". Now that all the pervs have navigated away from this page in disappointment, let's begin. From a father’s perspective, I want to address some criticism that we encountered regarding home births. Hopefully this can also be informative and encouraging to people who are uninformed, yet interested. This dissertation will be a delicious blend of satire and valuable information-- and hopefully I can throw in a dash of facts every now and then.

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