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Halloween - The Aftermath

November 1, 2010

This post is motivated by the possibility of winning a Canon Rebel T2i Giveaway from the TheSitsGirls. Today I'm linking up our fun filled Halloween adventures. As I shared already I got to go on a DATE yesterday. Dreamy and I rarely spend time one on one or just adult to adult so this was a big deal to me. We went to cheer and support our local hockey team. The score was hideous but none the less it was really exciting. There were 2 fights total and tons of jeering. Our team lost 0-8 but that didn't stop our fans from taunting the other team. I came out of my 2nd hockey game still if not more confused. I don't get the fighting, why they leave their sticks on the ice once down, or how the heck they can even be precise on ice with that tiny black speck of a puck.


Posted pics of the kids costumes are HERE. The great thing about today is there are NO belly aches from "Junk Day" yesterday. Their Dee-Dee so lovingly told them after eating good food they could fill up on junk. With just 15 days to go I look like I am stuffed. Hope all of your treats were sweet!
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