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I'm going on a Date - HeyHeyHey

October 31, 2010

Agood friend of mine and owner of Tulsa Hot Tub Rentals, LLC ran a contest on his facebook fan page for 4 FREE tickets to the Tulsa Oilers Game tonight and I WON! Dreamy and I will be kid-free (for a few hours atleast) to get away for our second hockey game date. I hope memories are better than the first one. We went and saw the Blazers in OKC back in college and somehow I got spewed chewed up popcorn in my hair from the gentleman behind me. I rocked the afro back then so that was pretty disgusting.

Since we got 4 tickets I decided to ask my mom who helped me win the tickets to come along. When I called her last night to share the news it was so cute. She asked what time I was bringing the babies she thought she'd be babysitting. I'm looking forward to a great date night, time with my mom, and later we may even get to help pass out candy.

I also want to share with you the halloween costumes I made for my kiddos.

Cheerleader - Go Ralph Lauren               The Elephant - Ballerina

...and Batman!

As a beginner sewer I think I didn't pretty darn good but really the joy was when they didn't want to take their costumes off. We've worn them friday, sat and tonight may not be the last night either ;)

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