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Adventures in Odyssey: Cause & Effect
*Home-Mom Review

November 10, 2010

Cause & Effect
ow do you and your family spend time in the car? We usually have music blaring or it's mommy-daddy-talk time since we rarely are uninterrupted at home. The kids know once we get in the car they must talk only to each other unless they really need something. This isn't because we are mean parents, their seats are really far back and having to turn around every few minutes to settle it is crazy. I was really excited to receive the Adventures in Odyssey: Cause & Effect CD series and knew the car would be a perfect place to try it out. It is geared towards ages 8-12 but really something the entire family will enjoy.

Here's a snippet...

The kids loved it but the surprising part was how much Dreamy and I liked it. At first I was thinking this was really cheesy and I'd have to zone out for our over 45 min car ride into town but I found myself really following the story and imagining all the scenes. It's been a while since I've listened to an audio drama and I seriously can't wait to finish the rest of the stories. If you follow this particular series then you're all to familiar with the characters. Never heard of AIO? Here are some helpful ways to use this series.This excerpt is from the publisher's website.
It’s all-new Adventures in Odyssey episodes in volume 52, Cause & Effect. Join Eugene and Matthew as they investigate why the clock tower at City Hall seems to be counting down to a mysterious deadline. Could it have something to do with the anniversary of a lost love from twenty years ago?...
The one thing I truly love about this product is that it began from a ministry founded for the support of the family, Focus on the Family. They began a radio drama series in 1987. It was because of that mini series over 20 years abo AIO became what it is today. AIO was and continues to be a very entertaining and morally sound product the entire family can enjoy! To find more from Tyndale House Publishing be sure to "like them on facebook at: and follow them on Twitter: @TyndaleHouse.

This is a Mama Buzz review. This product was provided by: Tyndale House Publishing for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine.
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