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Home-Mom's Holiday Guide
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October 26, 2010

There is no way I could get all the gifts I want for those I love. So I'll be creating a wish list of sorts and ideas for all you mamas to be giddy about. I'm on a major homemade kick right now. I've made my girls aprons, dolls, fall costumes, diapers, and I can't stop. I found this purse on etsy today and for some reason even after epic failure I keep thinking I can just look at a pattern and eyeball it and voila it will be perfect without flaw. NOT! I keep telling myself I'm failing forward and I'll just get better because of it.

So as the holidays draw nearer stay tuned for a nice little collection of gift ideas only Home-Mom's can appreciate. Happy Hunting until then and hopefully you all are a bit more ahead of the curve and more than half way finished with your shopping.

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