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Re-Imagine Wool with me

September 22, 2010

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rambler's Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wool is nature's miracle material, you've heard me say it before but if you're unsure why, I'll say it again. It naturally resists wrinkling and soiling, it repels and absorbs, and controls odor. Perfect for all the cloth diapering mommas like myself. I don't want to talk about babies today though, I want to talk about wool for the big people of the family; Mom and Dad. Ramblers Way Farm is a family business that creates comfortable next-to-skin worsted wool apparel in the USA.  In the past when I've thought of of wool, I thought of Winter of course, then itchy-heavy-non flattering sweaters. What I've found at Ramblers Way makes me want to pretend that I've won a $200 shopping spree and I'm taking you along with me.

First off I was really shocked by the pictures. The material looks so light and just can't possibly be wool but it is. For my imaginary shopping spree (December is on it's way) I would get a set of Long Janes, top and bottoms, and maybe something for my hubby. You can't beat antibacterial pj's and undies. Just look at the picture below. See what I mean? The material is so light and cotton looking.  I've ordered a sample of the fabric because I want to feel it and see it in person and then convince someone (*hint) to get me gift cards, lots of gift cards to use at Ramblers Way for Christmas, Anniversary and my birthday all in the next 6 months. They have forever changed my opinion of wool, no more itchy-heavy-nonflattering sweaters, this is very attractive, practical, and definately the best natural pick of clothing for me and my family.

Women's Next-to-Skin Long Jane (Reg Rise)  |  Men's Next-to-Skin Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

Both have that 4-season wearing power.  No more packing up the wool for winter

This company knows natural, the co-founders Tom and Kate Chappell are also founders of Tom's of Maine. Their passion clearly is in the right place at creating amazing products that are natural and eco-friendly. I'm extremly pleased with all I've found and learned about and hope to make my dream shopping spree a reality, soon!

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