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Our first official school year

September 6, 2010

I'm not saying this year is our first year to Homeschool. We've been playing with the idea for a few years now, four. The girls have been learning still but we have been far from organized the way I'd like to be successful. When I say we, it really means me. This is a huge struggle for me. This summer we specified a room as our school room, we organized and decorated the walls with art work, the alphabet, and various other fun learning things.

This past week I was so blessed to come across our grade level in FREE curriculum another mom listed on craigslist. PT just turned 6 and entering 2nd grade this year, PJ just turned 4 and is straddling Kindergarten and 1st grade. The curriculum is all pre-organized for me, in folders and even labeled. I'm applying to be a reviewer for a great homeschooling blog and received 2 unit studies last week and have been waiting since last week to open up all the new goodies and get this year rolling. So this week we started one of the unit studies and plan to complete them both before the week is up. Planning and executing are such huge accomplishments for me but this blog really helps me to stay on track. Things accomplished thus far regarding homeschooling...

School Room ✓
Actual Curriculum ✓
Clean I need help FlyLady!

I'll be starting a new Home-Mom Challenge soon to help me stay on track with the house work!
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