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September 2, 2010

Did I just make up a new acronym? Probably not but I like it and I want to keep it. Now that I'm blogging about it I know I can't but it's a thought right? It has been a dream of Mr. Dreamy's and mine since forever that we both work from home, we want to be a Work At Home Family. We've recently met some really great friends who do just that. They have an office with a divider and everything between the two of them and although their baby is in preschool for a few hours of the day (I secretly admire that) they can get work done and are financially sound.

So no I just like the idea of my kids being occupied for a few hours, I'm not doing to well in planning our days currently. We are a homeschooling family, our goal is to be as self-sufficeint from home as possible. 2.5 years ago we were able to make our budge work to allow for me to stay at home but since have really wanted to find a way for Dad too. I've begun my journey with JitterBum and am finding out that sewing is not like a sport that I can just pick up and roll with. I've cut my fingers, sewed legs together, and just well failed. I'm glad to say I'm failing forward, 8 diapers and counting. What is a dream you have for family? What are some ways you're working to acheive that goal? Can't wait to hear from you ;)
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