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30-Day Challenge
Day 4: Husband Encouragement

August 15, 2010

Do I dump on my husband at the end of a work day? Well I don't know. We stay in touch with google talk that we pretty much cover stuff as we can or as it happens. I'm sure I have though. Day four's challenge is about strengthening my husband with my words. "A wise wife will make her husband feel that she values and appreciates his work"

Day: Four                                  "...let him labor, working with his hands what is good..." Eph. 4:28

Mr. Dreamy's work allows us to be a Home-Mom sort of family, without his income and his budgeting sense I'd still be working. I was able to leave work 2 years ago, I had envisioned myself climbing the corporate ladder to allow for him to stay home but that wasn't his vision and would have drove me crazy in the end. I don't want to take what my hubby does for granted, he provides for your family. He has the important job of being the head of our family, and he has a huge responsibility in keeping me inline ;)

I'm really loving this challenge, to join in on the fun visit Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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