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July 9, 2010

First off I just want to thank everyone who participated iFiH No.3
It exploded tremendously from the week before maybe because I forgot it was Friday last time.

Here are the iFiH stats thus far:
  • 6/25/10 Hop No.1 - 16 hoppers
  • 7/9/10 Hop No.2 - 8 hoppers (going in the wrong direction right?)
  • 7/9/10 Hop No.3 - Had a whopping 74 Hoppers. 
I did change up a few things and let people know before hand to get the word out and changed the starting time to thursdays at 11:00pm CST. Last week I also added a prized #2 spot for hoppers to make sure to follow and I think it's working out pretty well.

Ok, ok enough of the waiting I had to do some digging and visited everyone's links to follow back, sometimes comment, and check for the iFiH badge  to choose my new #2. The winner is...

Thumbnail #25
Shopper Gal

Next weeks blog will be just as great, come see me and linky up for more hopping fun. Note: New rule starting next week, to be featured the iFiH badge must be located on your sidebar not just in a post. This is only to be featured participation requires nothing but a link up ;)

~ Christy
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