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Meal Planning

July 6, 2010

I finally sat down yesterday to plan out our meals for the pay period wich is every two weeks. There are so many great meals to make and now I'm overwhelmed. Ugh...I need to stop that. So I am doing it and I will like it. I will like how I won't be scrambling for something to throw together when my blood sugar is too low. I found this planner to work with and fell in love with every at Simply Recipes. I serious am having a hard time choosing.
Also I think if I start holding myself accountable and posting Monday Meal Pannings along with Monday Mommy Yummies I'll be sure to get it done.

Here is yesterday's yummy treat. We had some left over rotisserie chicken I shredded and added pineapple juice, our favorite barbeque sauce, diced up bell peppers, and tomatoes. I like to always keep some pasta noodles or basmati rice already made in the fridge for dinner options. I bought marshmallows and chocoalte for smores but we have no graham crackers. Oh well you can never go wrong with chocolate and marshmallows. Those added to some fried up biscuit pieces served as yummy doughnuts for dessert.

you can sort of see her 2 missing bottom teeth, and everything she ate (sorry but I love this picture anyways).

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