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It's Friday, I'm Hopping! No.4

July 15, 2010

WWelcome to iFiH hosted by me, Christy @Home-Mom. This is so exciting to reach my 4th week and grow the way I have in just 5 short weeks. I thought this would be so much more difficult to reach this many followers and to start a hop (don't get me wrong it is tons of work but it has def paid off this last week). Instead of posting on topic today I'd like to turn my Fridays over to featuring a lovely blog hopper.

To be featured in the #2 spot
you must have the ifih badge posted on your blog's sidebar or in your friday post.

This weeks winner is...
Shopper Gal

First off I love these cute characters and I really want a chocolate one.
Tessa started her blog Dec. 2009 She already has me intrigued with her activeness plus kiddos. Triathlons, need I say more? Well I love it, click on the image above and go check her out, leave her some love from iFiH!

Okay here's how this fun hoppity hop works. If you like simply link up and go, but that's not why you're here. The fun is in the comments.

copy all and paste

  • Follow. (follow the #1 and #2 spots then the blog before and after you and comment, let them know why you came) It's my goal to follow everyone who participates.
  • Have fun! This list is new every week so come back each friday for a new hop and new friends.
  • Spread the word. (for a chance to be featured in the #2 spot copy and paste this code to your sidebar)
To be featured in the #2 spot you must have the ifih badge posted on your blog's sidebar or in your friday post.

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