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It's Friday, I'm Hopping! No.3

July 8, 2010

Welcome to It's Friday, I'm hopping hosted by me, Home-Mom.
I'm so glad you stopped by. Instead of posting on a topic Friday's are spent hopping from blog to blog gaining friends, interest, ideas, and followers. Link up with me every week for some good old Friday fun. It's my goal to follow everyone who participates but in no way do you have to try to do that. I'm a new blogger and new host so always be kind (why do we need to say that) and follow as many or as little as you feel.

Thank you to all the wonderful blogs that linked up last week! The winner of last weeks hop was Dania and Frances at the kiddie fashionista, my 1st Featured Blogger and they've earned the #2 spot in this hop. Go check them out and leave them some love from iFiH!

copy all and paste

Follow these simple steps:
  • Spread the word. (copy and paste this code to your blog page and post)
  • Comment and Follow. (follow the blog above you and below you and comment to let them know why you came)
  • Have fun! This list is new every week so come back each friday for a new hop.
To be featured in the #2 spot for next week's hop you must have the ifih badge posted on your blog's sidebar (you can paste in a post, to qualify it must be in your sidebar). I will use and will announce the winner prior to the next HOP.

You can find me hopping...
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