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10 things - Time to Dream Again!

July 8, 2010

There are a lot of blogs out there that have a list of 100 things they want to accomplish in 1001 days. That is a little bit much for me so I opted for a smaller number, 10 things here goes.

1. Take a vacation for over a week.
Since Mr. Dreamy and I have been married we've never been anywhere together farther than Arkansas. I was fortunate enough to get to travel with the military but was always homesick and it felt pointless to be gone solo.

2. Begin the war with my unwanted 75lbs. 
Speaking of military, lol. I started gaining weight in college (the dreaded freshmen 15 was 20 for me). I joined the Army and lost it all and some. After I was no longer in and married the weight came back again. This roller coaster has been going on since middle school and the only time I lose weight is when I'm physically active like militant. It was sports, basketball, softball, and cheer, then just basketball and track, then bootcamp, and now it seems I need some crazy outside force to help me with this. I'm about to have my 4th baby and I need all the reserved energy I've got just to keep up. I plan on tackling this after the baby is here.

3. Have a water birth.
With the baby coming I'm not sure if we'll get to have a water birth. This will be my 3rd home-birth so I know what to expect I just wanted something new I guess to look forward to. If this doesn't happen this go round I don't know if we're having more.

4. Make Mr. Dreamy a WAHD.
He and I have worked together since the beginning of our relationship and it works well for us. The freedom he would gain would be such a blessing to the whole family. To make this happen we have a few home based businesses we are needing to get off the ground.

Phew, it seems these are all major milestones. I may have to start with 5.

5. Stay on a consistent schedule with our homeschooling.
Obviously this one is for my kids. Each day we need to review and add on to what they are already so advanced on. Once we actually get some activities going I always end up having a blast but the downside is I haven't been planning ahead. This one requires that I plan out our day or week before hand.

6. Start a basketball group.
I absolutely love playing ball and had some of my greatest memories in school doing so. I was fit and could care less I just wanted to be fast and play well. I've attempted this in the past and never got more than a few people to say they would join.

7. Start sewing and being crafty.
I love love love looking at things that people have made by hand and thinking I can do that. Well I need to stop saying I can and start doing it. Christmas is coming up maybe I can think of something the kids and I can make as gifts. I want to make cute dresses for my princesses and ties for my little man.

8. Host a Holiday Dinner.
I know this would be so nerve wracking but I have always dreamed of entertaining guests and now that we own our first home I want to have all our family come and celebrate all the time. We moved up from a 2 bedroom trailer with 1 bathroom to a 5 bedroom, 2 story, 2 bathroom home God is good! There is a lot of work to be done but this is my home and I want to share it.

9. Learn to play the piano and guitar.
I've taught myself a few notes and chords on the guitar and can read music from playing in my schools orchestra in middle and high school. Mr. Dreamy has his drums and the sound of music can be heard miles away I'm sure. I just think it'd be neat to be able to play all those instruments and pass that on to our kids.

10. Tell myself everyday how beautiful and blessed I am.
This is so essential for me as a child of God to stop bashing myself and doubting my abilities. I've been given 3 going on 4 very special gifts and to be the best role model to them that they deserve they need to know that I'm confident in who God made me and that they are God's blessings to this world.

~ Christy Pin It

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