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The Fuzzy Noggin GiveawayNewsie Hat 8/29

July 31, 2010

In less than two months, has grown to 211 followers, 202 email subscribers, 57 facebook fans, and 86 twitter'ers. I don't know but I think this calls for a celebration!!! Alright drum roll please....... Ok so you already can see from the image and title above what's going on.

Adrienne at The Fuzzy Noggin has been so gracious as to give one lucky HomeMom reader one of her cute handmade Newsie Hats. First I want to thank all of you for hanging in there with me and helping me grow. I wish I could send everyone of you something. Not because I want to buy your love, but because I know how fun it is to receive something just because. She not only makes some of the cutest but sells the patterns as well. Listed are just a few other things in her shop.

        There's a pre-halloween sale going on right now...                                  Simply adorable.

Chunky Earflap Hat and Tie Onesie Set (MANY COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM)
courtesy of:
courtesy of:

Awwww, so sweeet.
Adorable Diaper Cover Pattern
courtesy of: Diaper Cover Pattern

Now here's the Prize...
Newsie Hat
courtesy of:
 ...and here's how you can get it...

Buy It! Visit The Fuzzy Noggin and purchase the Newsie Hat for $28!

This Giveaway is Closed! Winner will be posted in the Winner's Circle...
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