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Who am I talking to?

June 15, 2010

Ok so because I am new at this public blog thing I find myself wondering who am I talking to. Phrases like "go check this out", and "tell them I sent you", sounds so funny when in reality I have 0 readers. This will change I know because I'm great on commenting on other people's sites. I've recently joined the Sitstahs, what a great concept for moms like me. Its not just for moms but women who blog. At first I thought it more to be a chore to visity their site everyday and comment but after just one day I'm hooked. I have like 10 pages on my browser of all the blogs I'm checking out.
Today I visitedthe feature blogger, and from there I couldn't stop. I will have to stop. So my point is if I keep this up I just might be talking to someone soon ;) Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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