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How's Your Day?

June 17, 2010

Today sucked! I apologize but I don't really get to vent much, sure I have girl friends but I don't like being down so I don't often share it with others. Writing is different I guess, I don't know how but it just is. I have been going to bed near 3am for the past 2 weeks and been getting up at 9am. I was just thinking 'man, how much longer can I keep this up?'. Apparently today was the shut down day. I did so much yesterday that my body told me NO! it would not cooperate, it would however give me a headache. Gosh I really hate having such an up day just to fall the next, in my book that means fail (that book is old and needs throwing out, I know). Hubby is so encouraging though I think thats why I don't vent to him sometimes because he puts the positive spin on it so well. Love him! I've got a Sat. birthday to plan for my soon to be 4yr old. I've procrastinated and the time is up. I made a way too long list that overwhelmed me from the start. I swear who do I think I am most days, Super Woman? Psshh I wish.

How was your Thursday? Vent if you need ;)
Oh and a great ending to my day I checked my email and saw I had comments! OMGoodness that put a smile on my face. Thanks gals!
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