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Got Crazy?

June 17, 2010

I have had it! With myself! but what can you do if it's You who's the problem? Change.

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Why? Well my house was messy, disorganized, and plain gross. Why? Um you ask a lot of questions. No really I've been a bum for like a few months and the only time I really feel great is when I do something, when I clean, when I teach, when I... wait for it, be a MOTHER! I'm just not happy when I'm not doing my job, makes since doesn't it? Wasn't there a story about a toaster or something that didn't get to do his job and was useless, sad, disatissfied with his existence? No? Well, there should be a story like that. I might write one. There are just so many things that I feel I lack to do a good job. I have a hard time with discipline, if no one is here to make me do something I tend not to do it. 
The wise woman builds her house, the fool tears hers down with her own hands. provers 14:1
I will forever love this verse, it describes me in all my states. Wise and foolish I can be on any given day, I'd prefer the former but find myself foolish more than I'd like to admit.

So what did I clean? I transformed the girls playroom into our school room, no more dinning room table. Sorted the kid's toys into 3 piles, keep, give, and trash (you have to be sneaky with that last one). I hate it when you don't get rid of those bags and find them open in the middle of the floor and out of guilt you put them back in the keep pile. I accomplished to do 3 loads of laundry too (folding doesn't count).

So years from now whether or not my children had a spotless house won't matter but what will matter is how their mommy treated them everyday. I can't have things hanging over my head (laundry, clutter, baths, hair, etc.) or I turn into a monster. So if I do them then I'm good, the kids are good because you know I have them help me sort, clean, put away. They love the reward and they will get super PAY on pay day this Saturday.

I am so amazed at what I can do when I get out of my own way.

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