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Norwex Party Review - Getting Organized

July 23, 2014

As a family, my husband and I are starting to realize the benefits to eatting clean. We're slowly eliminating toxic foods such as pasturized corn fed milk, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup from our diets and our house. But What about those other chemicals and toxins found under the sink and in the laundry room?

So we've been making our own homemade laundry soap for over a year but somehow things like comet, pinesol, and various window cleaners keep making their way to my home. I'm not blaming anyone because I secretly love their smells. It's nostalgia. Which got me thinking, why do we need to smell a clean house? Shouldn't the absence of odors be enough?

It's funny how you fall in love with smells! Tide and Downy smell so good but not as good as it feels knowing I'm foregoing the nasty chemicals in them.

Get the kids involved.
I know how easy it is to mix the wrong combination of cleaning products and almost pass out. I don't want to pass that torch down to my kids making safer more simpler cleaning products is a must.

Children Friendly Cleaning Products
I've pinned quite a few DIY natural cleaning recipes so of course now I'm an expert. The base seems to always be vinegar which we now own a ton of. I will continue to use it but also heard about a company called NORWEX that really intrigued me. I can simply use their microfiber towel and water to clean!!

I had met a gal at jewelry party a year ago and she was telling me about Norwex. I'll let her chime in now...

My name is Krystal Lee and I am an Independent Consultant for Norwex.

If you have never heard of Norwex, their mission statement describes the company in a nutshell:

To radically reduce the use of chemicals in cleaning and personal care products.

I was introduced to Norwex about a year ago by my grandmother--who I consider the "Queen of Clean". My grandma had a Norwex party and was so thrilled with their products! I bought the household package (an Enviro cloth, Polishing cloth, and Dusting Mitt) to support my grandma in getting her some great hostess rewards! When I received the products, I put them away with the rest of my cleaning supplies, and didn't even try them for awhile. One day I needed to get the house clean, and in a hurry. I grabbed the Enviro cloth and Polishing cloth to get started on the bathroom. I was so floored at how easy it was to clean with these cloths, and with only water! I used little effort on the sink, then cleaned the mirror. After using the polishing cloth, I was amazed at the streak-free shine! I decided to tackle the bath tub, and again was just astonished. I used little elbow grease and I could literally feel the difference on the surface of my tub and shower walls! I hadn't planned on using this cloth on the toilet, but couldn't resist after these results! I spent half the time cleaning my bathroom than I would have using my other household cleaning products. Normally I would have needed a spray for the mirror, a different chemical for the sink, another chemical for the toilet, and yet another for the bathtub/shower. In the past, I would often need to turn the fan on and leave the bathroom in the midst of cleaning because of the chemical smells! With Norwex, I was able to clean the entire bathroom using only water and finish in record time! I was so excited that I became a consultant so that I could pass on this wonderful product to others!

Watch these NORWEX Demonstrations


How it Works:
The microfiber technology that Norwex has engineered includes fibers that are 1/200th the size of a human hair. This means that the fibers are able to pick up virtually everything on the surface without cross-contaminating onto other surfaces. Cotton cloths merely push dust particles and dirt around, while the Enviro cloth picks everything up and holds it securely in the cloth. After using the cloth, it should be rinsed well in warm water and hung to dry. Within 24 hours the microsilver agent in the cloth has gone to work and choked out all bacteria, making it ready to use again!

Less is MORE!
1. Dramatically reduces the use of harsh chemicals in my home, saving my family's health!

2. Less time cleaning, leaving more time for what matters most!

3. Less effort--I can clean 90% of my home with an enviro cloth and water!

4. Less laundering--Norwex's antibacterial cloths use microsilver to self-sanitize the cloths after every use!

5. Safe for my family--no more need to lock-up the chemicals!

6. Less money spent on cleaning supplies--a 2-year warranty is guaranteed on Norwex microfiber products!
- Krystal Lee

So cool!
How awesome will that be when all I need is a cloth and water to deep clean my home? How safe this is for kids if they happen to get a hold of the rag? Regarless of the mess I'll feel good that the germs are gone when my babies are laying and playing on the floor.

To get started I'd love just the basic kit which includes the enviro cloth and window cloth. I would love the mop and brush as well. That's why I'm sharing this party online with you all.

Let's Party - Hostess 'Christy Hayhurst'.
There's a door prize, you will earn an entry for every $20 spent during this party, also earn additional entries by sharing socially.

    How to enter:
  • To shop and learn more about NORWEX visit this link
  • Click on the products tab then select shop now.
  • Once you're ready to check out, create an account or sign out as a guest.
  • When asked to credit your purchase to hostess find and search for my name, 'Christy Hayhurst'.
  • Get additional entries tweeting or sharing on facebook.

Make sure to enter everything into the widget below to be tracked and entered - Good Luck!
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Any Questions?
If you have any questions regarding this company or their products or would like more info on hosting your own party feel free to leave a comment here on my facebook page for Krystal to answer.

Thank you for entering and learning more about NORWEX with me today. I share what I find interesting and helpful and hope you've enjoyed learning something new. I was not paid for this editorial but may be compensated with products for hosting this party. All my opinions are 100% my own.

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