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Add a Face to your Facebook Fanpage

June 22, 2011

Got a facebook fanpage? In this tutorial you will be able to add up to 10 extra pages (formerly known as tabs) to your fan page. They are known as FBML static pages developed by facebook. These little guys worked wonders in customizing your page back in the day. FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, a cool way of saying facebook's html. As of March 18th of this year facebook phased out all use of static FBML to move towards iFrames. Only those with it could continue to have it. Lucky for you I don't rest until I find what I want.

Take a look at my fanpage, (it'll open in a new window). Notice my nice Unique and Short URL? Claim your facebook URL here. Works for both personal pages and fanpages.

Notice, instead of going straight to my wall, where my fans and I post comments you land on a Welcome page. It's nothing major but just a little extra something that makes a huge difference, don't you think? You can see my default landing tab and any other extra pages I've added.

The possibilities are endless. Add a contact page, entry form, Welcome potential fans, etc. Want to make you own? In this tutorial I will not be teaching you coding (html). I'm self taught but will share the basics soon. Spread the knowledge right? You don't have to know coding because you can just type regular text too.

Let's get started.

Listed below are up to 10 FBML static pages you can add to your fanpage. Start with ONE, then in the future when you want more pages go to TWO, and so on.

crediting pkcompany for listing these.

After clicking the link the app will ask your permission before it's added. Choose which page you want to add this app to from the drop down menu. It'll look like this...

After adding the app you'll see a new link under your fan page's profile picture as FBML 1.If you click on it you'll have your new blank page titled, you guessed it... FBML 1.

Let's change that, shall we?

To do so we'll need to Edit the fan page...

Click on edit page, click on Apps and look for FBML 1.
It may be towards the bottom in the light blue section.

Now Click on Go to App.

Here's where the magic happens. Title your new page. If this is a welcome page name it
Hiya or Welcome, or whatever you want.

Like I stated earlier you can simply start typing text in the FBML area if you do not know html.

Save Changes to see your Finished Product.

Now Get Creative. Add, text, images, links, etc. to create your own mini page within your fan page. This welcome tab only consists of 3 images and a little bit of text that I typed in. My images were made in photoshop and I used a twitter icon from,
an awesome royalty free site I use A LOT.

Give future and current fans a glimpse of what your fan page is all about. Make announcements about upcoming events or *giveaways if you have them.
When running giveaways, product testing, or fan celebrations make sure to stay within *facebook's promotional guidelines

I'd love to figure out how to have a revolving page that changes slightly after fans like the page. You may have seen these when an arrow is pointing to the like button and says 'like me' but is replaced with a small thank you msg after the page is liked. Coming soon!

This is not a sponsored post, just my way of giving back to all the great tutorialists who've helped me along the way. If I'm able I'll answer your questions, just leave a comment or email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. The images I used above were screen shots intended for educational purposes only.

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