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Welcome to the ninth edition of

May 26, 2011

Yippee, no one got lost last week. A big part of Make & Share is the sharing part. I'd like to share with you all some tips from my big Blog sister. That's what I call them anyways. Any of you follow TheSitsGirls? They have some great workshops and challenges to help make your blog better. I call them my big sister because they support little gals like me, they know all of the right people, and they've been there done that and can help me steer clear and not make the same mistakes.

How to BlogIf you're needing to get out of your shell and enjoy reading other blogs they have over 8,500 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another (with comments). It's really pretty awesome, it's also crazy how it can still feel like a small community too.

My only debate is if I should move to wordpress or stay here with blogger? Decisions, decisions. I'm thinking the later but really don't want to think about that big hairy mess just yet. I'm enjoying my new Home.

It's like a vanity plate but for your Fan Page.

For all of you Facebook Fan Page Gurus, this is a post I wrote at helping you update your style. This can also be applied to personal pages so head over or share this link with those in need.

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