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Vlog: Errands, Trains, and Automobiles.

May 19, 2011

The blog has gotten a makeover! I think my posts need one too. Have you heard of MamaKat'sLosin'It? Kat has really opened me up to the idea of vlogging, video blogging. Remember my first attempt here. That one was contingent on a review I had accepted and was scared to death. I pretty much procrastinated, GASP! Not me?! I used The Hubs' phone and did my 20 takes in our bathroom after the kids were all asleep. Fast fwd to today and I'm attempting to introduce the people I write about while driving one handed. OMGoodness!

I think I had a bit too much fun with this, my favorite line is "Wadup Choo-Choo!" My kids even used their code names. I forgot to remind them and thought they'd slip up. I hope you  consider jumping on this bandwagon with me over at MamaKat'sLosin'It. She is too funny and really makes me smile. I think I'm actually a week behind on this writing prompt thing but hey, I did it! Want to see more of my crazy kids? Visit my youtube channel @ChristyHomeMom.

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