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My ShāToBu™ Shapewear *Giveaway

May 23, 2011

I my ShāToBu™. If you're like me you're thinking, "What the heck is that?" Until I received mine I didn't think I'd ever place value in some girdle looking pantyhose contraption. That's all changed, and not because I received one in exchange for this review either. Perks are perks. If it works, it Works!

Dr. Denise Perron
Watch Denise discuss
the science behind

ShāToBu™ is the tummy SHAping, muscle TOning, and calorie BUrning
workout you wear.
As you know my weight has been a problem an issue for me. I've got over fifty pounds of junk in my trunk that I'm tired of lugging around. From being over weight for the past decade I suffer from minor back pains, muscle pinches, and other discomforts. This product is not a fix-all but it does help get you back in line, literally.
Christy, Home-Mom
This isn't your grandma's girdle!
or any other girdle for that matter

 ShāToBu™ more than just holds it all in, it helps to align your spine. Makes sense with a Since high school I've always popped or cracked my back. Not occasionally but everyday sometimes several times a day. The verdict is still out for me whether this is healthy or not but it made me feel better so I did it. As an adult woman, having birthed and packed around four of my own babies and no telling how many other kids working in childcare, over the years my back has really suffered. I know I'm at fault for poor lifting habits I've certainly felt the a difference in my posture and a remembrance to straighten up.

ShāToBu™ let me pick the style that I wanted. I chose the ShāToBu™ - High Waist to Knee Shaper. The website said I'd feel slimmer, smoother, and sexier. I'm not sure about that last one but I did feel smoother. After putting it on I was out of breath. Wait was that the exercise? Take off. Put on. Repeat.

Here's the real reason I♥MyShāToBu™,
My skinny jeans fit now!
Let me clarify that statement just a bit.

The jeans I'm referring to have been in my closet for over a year and they are not actually skinny. You may have a pair, 1-2 sizes too small all covered in dust. But I keep trying them on. Total confidence downer right there. So after I put it on I grabbed my jeans and they slid right on. I didn't say I could button them up. I've not been able to do that since before baby #4. However I was able to wear them out of the house, to the store and more.

Their site also said I'd burn up to 12% more calories with regular use over time. Woo-hoo. This is where the science part comes in. Based on the principle of resistance training the shaper's technology helps your body burn and tone.
By incorporating resistance bands right into the garment,
muscles work a little harder and more calories are burned during daily activities.
With all of that said my ShāToBu™ has never gotten sweaty, bunchy, or rolly. It's comfortable to wear all day. I believe because I have such weird issues with my back I can't sleep in it, other wise I would. Nothing like burning calories in your sleep. I happened to be wearing it while working out in the yard. This wasn't a little gardening or pulling weeds. The Hubs and I were lugging and burning huge (UGLY) cedar bush/trees. My legs and stomach didn't get yucky sweaty one bit. I was totally amazed!

Buy It! $36 - $58 USD Depending on the style you choose.

or Win It! Lucky for you all, ShāToBu™ will be giving one of you a shaper of your choice for FREE.

Enter Now, Here's How! over 5 ways to enter......

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Open to residents of the US and Canada, this giveaway will close June 14, 2011 11pm CT. A winner will be chosen shortly after using

The product mentioned in this post written here was provided by:ShāToBu™ for the purpose of this review. This Giveaway was provided and sponsored by ShāToBu™ for the purpose of this review and will end June 14th, 11pm CT. Open to residents of the US and Canada. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine: Christy, Home-Mom.
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