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Learn to speak Spanish with "No-Work" *Review

May 4, 2011

Learning a new language can be difficult, confusing, and just plain hard.
I believe the way that people learn helps determine their retention success. You'd think I'd be a bit more fluent after having four years from grade school through college, but I can't keep up. The way that I was taught and is still common in most traditional schools was to...
write, memorize, and write some more than repeat. Learning was very visual for me, I had a hard time blending what I saw with what I heard. This may be why...

Many people have trouble learning a language through traditional vocabulary lessons and practice. Why? Because language is intended to be used to express something. People talk to convey information, feelings, funny stories to each other. Sentences where no real meaning is being conveyed, such as the traditional language lessons, don't work.

I received 2 audiobooks from No-Work Spanish; Yaks March on Washington (single-CD) and Poster Girl (2-CDs). We have a 45 minute compute whenever we get in the car to go anywhere so I knew this would be a fun way to introduce Spanish to my kids. It also helped me realize how much and little I've retained. My kids range in age from 7 to 6 months. As you can imagine their skill levels are all over the place. That's why No-Work Spanish is the easiest way to learn and for me to teach Spanish. Plus it's for elementary school age on up.

Here's how it works:
The stories are read with each sentence said first in English, then in Spanish.
At the end of each chapter, the chapter is repeated entirely in Spanish to reinforce the vocabulary.

Here's a snippet from
Poster Girl
A story about trying to outdo a goody two-shoes student and problems that happen when you start your school project the night before it is due.

Listen and Learn!
"No-Work" involved.

Click here to view other available audiobooks.

Try before you buy! The first three chapters of their most popular audiobooks are FREE just for that reason. Try Now! You can buy the same audiobooks I received together for $21.95 here. They can also be purchased in mp3 form separately at for as low as $8.99. I look forward to keeping these in our school library for years to come.

These books will be apart of our homeschool and family library for years to come. I can't stress how important is is to learn other languages. The main reason is our world is not small, don't limit yourself or your family. Learn all you can!

Ways to use:
*Homeschooling families planning to teach Spanish
*As reinforcement for struggling students
*For travel, career or personal use
*Great for trips in the car
(Just pop in the CD while you drive the kids to school, practice, or while running errands)

This is a Mama Buzz review, to read more reviews/giveaways about No-Work Spanish from other Mama Buzz reviews visit Mama Buzz. This product was provided by: No-Work Spanish for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are 100%mine. Pin It

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