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Cloth Diaper - GoGreen Pocket Diapers *Review

May 22, 2011

In the past year a lot has changed about my views on how I diapering my babies. Even more recent in the past month I've finally got the hang of  it and am super excited to finally feel like I have the reigns with this thing. I'm said to say this may be my last sponsored review for the AIO all in one type of cloth diaper.

This decision has nothing to do with GoGreenPocketDiapers and everything to do with the #flatschallenge happening tomorrow. I'll explain better in this post here...
is a WAHM-owned business located in Boulder, CO.
We are continually adapting our products to meet the needs of moms like us. We generate our product designs in-house, and these designs are manufactured into products fairly and conscientiously by our wonderful manufacturer in China.

...more FAQs.
Leah, GoGreen Pocket Diapers

I know some people have issues with outsourcing or only want to buy American Made. I get it, I do, but I'm a mom of four on a small budget not opposed to shop out side of that box. I would like to know a tad bit more background of a company. There is just a tiny snippet at the very bottom of the home page.
Blue Soccer Balls
this diaper is sold out
(as of 5/22/2011)

I wasn't sure what to expect after getting my diaper in the mail. I picked this soccer print. All GoGreenPocketDiapers are one size fits all. Picking just one was pretty difficult, I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many choices and at the price of $9.99...
betcha can't pick just one!

Good thing there's
so much to choose from...

My GoGreenPocketDiapers Cover is so silky in texture and super stretchy. I love how it wraps and covers my baby but is never too tight. It has a leak-proof exterior, soft microsuede lining, hip snaps, crossover snaps with reinforced rise and waist snaps. It came with one 3-layer microfiber insert.

GoGreenPocketDiapers will grow from birth to potty training.

The cover has not leaked, no matter what I've stuffed it with (folded flat, microfiber insert). The cover is super snug and stretchy and the overlapping crossover snaps allows for just the right fit around the waist of my 6 month old and my 2yr old. Snaps are a girls best friend. If the hook and loop aplix is your bff GoGreenPocketDiapers has a conversion kit coming soon!

Not so much...
I've learned not to care so much for microfiber. It's been a huge "stink" issue. Granted vinegar, regular stripping is required would fix that issue. I don't care to buy "safe detergent" which is more expensive, and causes more cleaning steps for me. If you choose to use other detergents other than specified by the company you may void your warranty. This makes sense but is also a bit heavy handed.

Buy It!
* Diapers $9.99- 14.95 Wet Bags $6.99 Microfiber Insert $2.99(singles) $17.49 (3-pack). *
To get an AIO that works well for just ten bucks is unheard of in the cloth diaper world. Most times you can't get a used diaper for that little. Like most moms who have come across the price wondering if the low cost equates to low quality, I can say it works. It's right up there with the bigger names but half the price.

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The product I've written about here was provided by:GoGreenPocketDiapers for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are mine: Christy, Home-Mom.
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