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Update Your Fan Page's Username to♥

May 25, 2011

Ever wonder how companies or public figures get their name in their fan page link? Why would you ever want it like this? There are many reasons: A smaller link makes for easier traffic to your page. It looks cleaner. It's all about branding! The product you sell and the ways you communicate with fans/customers socially should all match up. Makes sense right?

My website is, my twitter handle is
@ChristyHomeMom and my facebook fan page was
What a mess! There's no unification, no common denominator. It simply looks chaotic to say the least. I no longer have the page momMADEit but did and it was that long mess of letters and numbers. Who wants to memorize that?
Let's claim your Username shall we?
It's really easy too, only a few guidelines.

For the full tutorial...
Visit to see if your name is available. If you have more than one fan page it will prompt you to pick one like below.

VOILA, you're all set!
Now I have a fan page, twitter, and domain that all match.

UPDATE: Updating your fanpage's URL will not cause a broken link. Both your old LONG ink and newly shortened link will point fans to the same place. No auditing old links or losing fans. It's Win-Win I promise I tested this on my own pages.)

Most of us with blogs put a lot of thought and time into logos, headers, and buttons, what I like to call blog candy. Graphics are important as they represent the face of your product/brand and can show your personality. In that same manner your title across the vast social media ocean is your name tag. By no means am I an expert, I just learn as I go. If you are having issues visit facebook's Help Center for FAQs.

Note: If your page has over 200 fans (likes) you can not change your Page Name just the link. Notice my page link is /ChristyHomeMom but my page name is still Home-Mom, boo!!!

Want an even shorter link?
Facebook directs links too. Try it out ...

This is not a sponsored post. This is just my way of giving back to all the great tutorialists who've helped me along the way.

If I'm able I'll answer your questions, just leave a comment or email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. The images I used above were screen shots intended for educational purposes only.

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