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One Room School House

March 28, 2011

Did you love the Little House on the Prairie? I did growing up. I wanted to roll down a hill of tall wheat for the longest time until I realized their were probably bugs all up in there. Ewwww, still this city girl is getting country-fied a bit. Oh I have proof, this mama's been chopping wood, making soap, homemade deodorant, sewing, and crocheting all in a little over a year of moving out to the COUNTRY. I don't flinch every time a wasp flies close, a little too close and I'll still scream but believe me, it's a huge improvement.

So you wanted proof here you go...

cowgirl boots, an ax, and some wood = crazy addicting workout

I really feel like a terrible mom some times. Why, because I have yet to fall into a steady schooling schedule. So Back to basics yet again. Any given day school starts whenever o'clock. The goal is by 1pm but sometimes it 3pm and runs for a good few hours. I guess the idea of dependents looking to me for answers freaks me out.

The reason I brought up the Little House on the Prairie is to bring back the idea of the one room school. First off I love this picture because everything is soooo organized. Secondly I'm in love with the pot bellied stove in the middle of the room.
Don't you just love this?

Notable students of one-room schools were:
Former President Herbert Hoover
Alan B. Shepard, Jr. The first American in space and one of only twelve astronauts to have walked on the moon
Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder (I love that site - seeing how I got this info)
Laura Ingalls Wilder, speaking of Little House on the Prairie!

In Elementary my class visited Rose Hill, a local one-room school house dedicated to preserving and teaching about the days of old. I LOVED it, I guess you could say the experience never really left me. I felt like I traveled back in time to a place when things at least seemed simpler, like I was little Laura in a dream. I wore a long dress, packed a lunch of biscuit and apple sauce. Everything we did that day was as close as I've ever been to that era. I've got  a picture somewhere I wanted to post but couldn't find it. I'd love to take my kids for a school trip once their old enough.

I've got 6, 4, and 2 school age. I'm getting a big confused as how to run things. Curriculum stretches from preschool to 2nd grade. If you have tiny tots and homeschooling older kids I recently read a great concept over at 1+1+1=1 about handling tiny ones just beginning the homeschooling journey.
can't leave the little guy out, or that other guy .)
Our current concentration is on the Three R's: Arithmetic, Writing, and Reading. Progress reports coming soon.

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