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March 1, 2011

Did you notice? I can't say this theme will stick but I dig the simplistic approach very much. It's probably really silly to open up an etsy shop and not have anything to sell right? Well I'm silly because that's exactly what I did. Sewing has got to be one of the few things I've wanted to do on my own without pressure to make something perfect. One: I've not been properly taught, perfection is a long ways a way. Two: If I have success, YEAH! If not, I'll always sew for my family and friends. Win-Win right? RIGHT!

When I was a little girl my mom made me Easter dresses. As I got older I remember this sewing machine siting around collecting dust, and man that thing was heavy. I followed suite and have had my sewing machine for almost 8 years. It was dusty, rusty, and a headache to thread. I'm so glad that cycle has been broken. I want to teach my girls (and boys) all the craftsy things I wanted to learn e.g. crochet, sewing, painting, drawings, etc. My mom was a single mother who worked 2 full time jobs so time wasn't always on her side. She did pass down a creative gene and the legacy will live on.

HOMEmomMADE will feature clothes for kids that moms want to make. If time isn't on your side. Plus I may be changing the content of this blog. Same great tutes and tips on how to better home life. I don't know much about my great grandmother but my mom and her mom both worked outside the home. I'm a first generational stay at home mom and homeschooler. A lot of what I do is self taught, so I'll be sharing more of my journey in those areas for others like me.

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