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I really do miss iFiH

March 31, 2011

Every now and then I'll get a hit from a fellow blog hopper commenting about my old friday hop. I've loved craft hopping in the past few months and want to transform the old It's Friday I'm Hopping Blog Hop from...
This         .

If you have the old button it will still point and lead you to the right place. iFiH will now be a blog hop about showcasing fellow crafters and DIY gurus. "Why?", you ask. Um, well because its Fun! I don't want people to follow just because anymore. I want you to come back because you want to see what's new. I love the word of mouth or blog type hype. I love the inspiration. I love directing attention to awesomness.
Too many reasons?

If you can't tell I'm super excited about motivating and being inspired.

to This        .

Grab the new button and meet me here April 1st, 2011

I hope you all enjoy this new event.

Hope to see you hopping every Friday through Saturday!
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