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Charlie Banana - Giveaways

March 29, 2011

Charlie Banana, cute name right? I'm truly baffled I'm just now finding out about this awesome cloth diaper system. I've been scouring the net looking for giveaways to enter just so I can try these cuties out. I did find one here at CelebrityBabyScoop and here at NaturalMommie. Even better I found a contest that ends March, 31st 2011 directly from Charlie Banana themselves. The last giveaway is open to anyone who places an order online at between now and March 31, 2011.

Want to Win!!!
View Complete Contest Rules here.
Simply *order online and be entered to receive either a 

$500 gift certificate for first prize
or a 
$250 gift certificate for second prize.
*minimum USD $88.88 order to qualify

As seen on...
Charlie Banana is just one year old and already has reached red-carpet status. 


I really am addicted to cloth diaper giveaways. I was pre-warned too but didn't take heed. Cloth can be a very expensive start up so winning is well #winning. Good luck everyone!!!
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