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Note to Self: Enjoy Life!

February 15, 2011

s it just me? Or do other moms get so caught up in the grind of things called motherhood we forget to enjoy life? My brain never sleeps it seems, some sort of mental checklist is always ticking or clicking:

Breakfast, Laundry, Lunch, Dishes, Snack, (cloth) Diapers, (home) School, Dinner, Me Time - Maybe. Attitude - really?  

How am I really supposed to get everything done and still be happy about it? That's what I've been asking myself for the past 6 years. My kids range in age from 0-6, you already know it's not easy. So how am I supposed to keep my head on? Stay grateful! Everyday whether noses are snotty, tears are falling, screaming, yelling, arguing, fighting, always be grateful your babies are HERE. I can't imagine losing a child but the thing most people say is they wish they'd really stopped and enjoyed life! Make every moment count!

Happy V♥Day
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