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2010 in Review...

December 31, 2010

his blogging journey has really amazed me. I've come a long way since June 2010. From finding my design style, writing reviews, getting sponsors, hosting giveaways. Below I've linked to some of my past posts. Outside of the blogging world we've seen quite a few ups and downs. A few weeks before Christmas we celebrated one year in our first home. What a blessing it has been and what a shock to finance some major repairs. We had a leak upstairs that caused us to tear down a few walls downstairs. We hosted Christmas for our extended families and it was really awesome to not have to travel all around. We had our fourth child, an unassisted home birth. I still haven't written it all down but I will soon. I get to write a review for the birthing pool we used thanks to

Let's we go!
June I'm sooooo new at blogging.... and I started my first blog hop #iFiH. I got hooked into other's blog hops and giveaways and decided to start my own. Miss PrincessJ turned 4
July is where I got the hang of cloth diapering and pondered the idea of making and selling them. Still working on making part
August My dream of hosting a successful giveaway really was possible. It got crazy but was interesting to see the back end from a hostess's point of view. Miss PrincessT turned 6
September I joined a few groups and started blogging for money. T?o date I've made a little over $200. We started to really buckle down on our B.i.G Vision for homeschooling (we still need to buckle down 2011).
October I tried my hand at homemade costumes. They turned out super cute!
November My lovely husband Mr. Dreamy made his first appearance at Home-Mom, hopefully not his last about our recent birth of Lil Turkey
December Now we're in the last month of the year and I put together my first Home-Mom Homemade Gift Guide. Sewing is a lot harder than it looks and I'd love to make all those wonderful goodies

I hope you enjoyed taking a look back with me. Its been an incredible ride I'm not ready to get off just yet. I'm looking forward to tackling my baby weight, working from home, more B.i.G adventures, watching my kiddos learn and grow, and celebrating 8 years with my Mr. Dreamy.

Happy New Year, from my Home to yours!
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