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It's Friday, I'm Hopping!
number nineteen

October 28, 2010

Two weeks to go...lil dreamy was born 2 weeks early and I think we're having a boy so does that mean all my boys will be early? Silly logic I know but my mind has been racing every night for the past few weeks anyway. I can tell the baby has dropped because I can't walk normally even for a few steps. I look like I've just gotten off a horse I've been riding for awhile.
and counting...
Still can't believe we're adding on to this crazy train. As crazy as times get I really don't want to get off.

Halloween is this weekend... I've made costumes this year from scratch on my sewing machine. WHAT!? I know I'm so proud of myself even if they look so silly. We'll be treating tomorrow at a local church and hopefully mommy and daddy will win a Date Night to a hockey game on Sunday. Who else is making costumes? Is this a first for you or are you a pro with the sew?

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