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StriaFade Review
...and my first vlog

September 28, 2010

Ihave 3 kids, one on the way, and tons of stretch marks to prove it! You all know what I mean, often you'll hear these lovely marks of love called Mommy Badges or War Medals, technically they are called striae or if you are lucky enough to just have one stria. I'd like to call them GONE!  I know I'm not alone in this boat and although my baby marks are not an emotional pain personally I know other moms see it just that way. To help I'm glad to try new things and I received one of the best things any mommy, especially a pregnant mommy, could get. Stretch Mark Cream by StriaFade!

About the company: StriaFade was formulated to both prevent and remove the
StriaFadeappearance of existing stretch marks. Combining the most effective ingredients known to battle stretch marks, StriaFade adds a few more! Below is a list of some other stretch mark creams and their key ingredients.

              Mederma - Onion Bulb Extract

this ingredient is credited to fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks

                     StriVectin - Peptides

this ingredient is linked to help tighten and rejuvinate skin and remove scars

                           TriLastin - Marine Collagen

this ingredient is known as the best source of collagen for human skin

                                 Tummy Honey - Shea Butter

this ingredient is known to improve skin tone 

StriaFadePeptides, Retinol Molecular FilmShea ButterAntarcticine, Onion Bulb ExtractSkinmimics, Marine Collagen   visit here to see what else is in this amazing cream

You can see that StriaFade combines all of the ingredients in their formulas into one product.
I'm a  "brown girl" as my babies lovingly call me and  I'm pretty familiar with the benefits of Shea butter but I had never known about these others.

What I love: I love the feeling of knowing that I'm taking care of my skin for a change. 6 years ago when I was first becoming a mother I thought I could keep stretch marks to a minimum with other lotions but I was not consistent because it really felt like a chore. The smooth feel of the cream right away feels like a mini spa treatment. StriaFade comes in a large 100ml airless dispenser, protecting the contents from oxidation that often degrades the effectiveness of similar skin care products. I apply three pumps to my hands then rub into my belly two times a day. Check out these success stories.

I recommend this product for anyone who has stretch marks. My husband aka Mr. Dreamy lost 60bs after high school and before we met. His weight loss was pretty rapid and based on the removal of certain medications he was taking. Rapid weight loss and gain will cause stretch marks. Think about scrapes for our little one's ouchies, burns and other scars. We are all affected by skin scarring.

...and not so much: I'm not embarrassed with my stretch marks really. It's the size of my belly and how the marks make it look even bigger. This complaint is to myself and  more of a weight loss issue. The directions say to apply a liberal amount. If I don't watch myself I may just use the entire bottle in one setting. I wish it was a bit more specific in telling me how much to use. I use three pumps and that is just for half of my belly as I prepare to do a before and after side-by-side comparison after the baby comes.

Buy It! At retail one single bottle cost $59 right now, regularly listed as $79. Just in time for the holidays StriaFade is currently on sale with multiple packaged deals and discounts. It ships USPS Priority Mail and individuals in the continental US get their shipments within 2-3 days. You could send some bottles to relatives and friends and be satisfied in knowing StriaFade is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee from a company that manufactures and distributes in the United States.

I am not an expert and researched each ingredient to find a generalized list of benefit to human skin. There is a warning listed clearly on the bottle that if you are pregnant or nursing to consult your doctor before use. This is a Mama Buzz review. This product was provided by: Premium Naturals, LLC for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions made are that of Christy, Home-Mom. 
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