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Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers Review and Giveaway

August 29, 2010

Home-Mom's Cloth Diapering Event

There are only a few brands of cloth diapers that I can say I'm familar with. My stash is still pretty small. Mother-ease Cloth Diapers are one of my absolute favorites and that is why I'm so excited to get to host this review/giveaway. Let me tell you why, I'm all for the ease and convenience. Its a fitted diaper with or without a cover. So simple, so economical.

Don't want to do the math, it's already been done for you - Reusalbe Cloth = Savings. Really I wouldn't be able to use cloth if we didn't use fitteds/prefolds and covers. I love the simplicity of the AIOs and AI2s but the cost is really too high of our current budget. Mother-ease Cloth Diapers so graciously sent me the introductory package for the purpose of this review.

The Introductory Package includes:
• 1 One Size™ Diaper (8-35 lbs)
• 1 Snap In Absorbent Liner
• 1 Air Flow™ Snap Cover
of your indicated Cover Size and Color/Print
About The Company:
Started by a mom (inspiring already) who clothed her babies and set out to create a system and diaper that was easier for her. Read more about how it all started here... This really touches me seeing as I made my very first diaper this past week and have a long road ahead. I can see the successes of other moms and feel comforted knowing I'll get there. Until then I'll buy ;)

What I really love:
Around the house we rarely use covers so I love that I can snap this diaper on my son and let him go. I don't have to worry about leaks or him getting it off some how. Lil Dreamy is 18mos and velcro just sounds too tempting for him to leave alone. Velcro and Snaps both have their own pros and cons but I'll take the increase in time it takes to fasten him up then have to worry about covering a velcro type dipe. Also with baby #4 on the way I love that this diaper will fit a smaller baby as well. The One Size™ Cloth Diaper grows from an 8lb baby up to a 35lb toddler. AMAZING! Plus there are cute solid colors, yellow, orange and blue are my favorites.

...and Not So Much:
Like I mentioned snaps can get tricky once your little ones starts trying to run from the diaper changes. However with velcro type diapers I'm looking for that extra cover (usually a pair of shorts or undewear) to slip over and cover a cover so my little one won't take off the diaper. The cover is not one size, so you will need different sizes. I suggest getting at least two in the size you need for changing rotation. I still really love this diapering system.

Buy It:
This same package depending on the type of materials you prefer runs from $21.95 - $25.95

This giveaway is now closed... The winner will be announced shortly!
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