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The Cloth

March 12, 2010

Dear mamas who want to know more about my cloth diaper journey -

I started using cloth diapers again with my 15-month old son. Before I started with my daughter when she was around 14-months so and that was not a pleasant experience. I used the flats, they look like a piece of cheese cloth almost. Not really but they were not absorbent at all. This time with my son we are doing pretty well. My son wears cloth 5 days out of the week and we use disposables on the weekends for outings. First off the biggest thing you'll notice is your trash. We're a big family and our trash can fill up quickly but taking out the smelly poopy and peepee diapers has helped tremendously. I would never have thunk it but peepee diapers can smell just as bad if not worse than poopoo ones.

So what am I working with, what's my stash?
I started out using 6 diapers a day.
2 aios for nap and bedtime
AIO all in one (the convinience like a disposable no folding just stuffing before hand)
4 prefolds with covers. (using 2 i wiped one to dry and used the other until the next diaper change)
My stash was pretty minimal so laundry is a must everyday, its not hard but when the weekend comes its nice to revert to the stash of disposables I had just bought before the cloth. I get tons of questions mainly about the poop. There really isn't a big difference.

How messy is the poo?
Its pretty much the same. There are some really great tools to help get the poo into the toilet. Imagine a kitchen sprayer hooked to your toilet and this helps spray poo right into the toilett. The diaper needs to go directly into a wet bag and can be there up to 3 days. Since I don't have either of these nifty gadgets I use our garden hose and spray diaper poo into the garden (free fertilizer) and I just put all wet diapers into a walmart bag to be washed later that evening.
I'm a mom meaning there is a lot of things I can handle that I never knew would be possible. My kids poo really is not a big deal, is def nothing new after 3 kids.

Why did I decide to choose the cloth?
There are several heartfelt videos out there that explain why cloth is better environmentally and financially and both these reasons played a role in my family's decision. Once I heard about all the chemicals that go into the diapers and that that will be in contact with my kids for the first 2-3 years of their life really jarred me. Now granted some things are a bit uncontrollable but I can control this. I'm even venturing out and will begin making diapers from home. I'll be saving money, making money, and cutting down my carbon foot print.

Cloth diaper basics - CottonBabies
How many cloth diapers does my baby need?
Not gonna lie these can get expensive, Want to make your own?
I love finding things on

This is my son in a homemade fitted diaper his great aunt made for him, this diaper birthed the JitterBum wahm diaper idea. With her help I'll be on my way ;)

What do you think about cloth? If you do what's in your stash?

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